Section A – The BPlan4U Investment Centre

The Business Angel Co-Investment Fund
TechEU and Dealroom.co
UK Small Business Funding
Essex Invest
Essex Innovation Business Investment
London Startups Investors
UK CrowdFunding
Inner Circle
Angel Investors Listing
Specialist Investors (Emerging Markets)
Property Investment
Investment Portal
Funding Circle
Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme
Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme
Grant Schemes
Industry Catapult Centres
Syndicate Room
Green Construction Investors
Property Investment
Tech Investors (Energy, Solar and Enviro)
Government Grants
Small Business Grants
Start Up Funding in the UK
Small Business Grants
Research & Development Grants
Incubators & Accelerators
Start Up Donut
Government Start Up
Start Up Britain
British Business Bank
Start Up Loans
Outset Finance
Donor Drive Peer-to-Peer
Seed Camp Investors
Investor Index
Merchant Cash Advance
Business Loan Comparison Site
BPlan4U Private Investment Group[email protected]
Investor Networks
TiE Global Investment Network
Business Finance Partnership
The Patent Box
Innovate UK
Venture Capital Trust (VCT)
Investors via Crunchbase
Seed Camp Investors
LEP Network Growth Hubs
Specialist Gaming Investors
Hubble HQ

Section B – Web, Analytic, SEO and Social Marketing Tools

FREE Web analytic and marketing tools to assist corporate decision-making

Section C – Financial, Legals, & Formation Assets

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About this Resource

These templates and guides are locked down for BPlan4U customers only. You can access them by purchasing one of our business plans.
After purchase or registration of your offline purchase from one of our partners, you will be given direct access to the following companion assets.
These will help you calculate your financials using 10 Excel worksheets that include P&L, 3 Year Projections and a Shareholder Table, to keep you on track and on budget.
The resources section also includes 10 legal document specimens allowing you to understand how to structure an Investor Agreement, Contract of Supply, and Partnership Programme and the like.

Financial Assets

Cash Flow Spreadsheet

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Balance Sheet

Cash Flow

Fixed Costs

Investment Summary

Product Pricing

Profit & Loss

Sales Forecast

Variable Costs

Legal Assets
Employee Handbook

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Shareholder Agreement

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Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

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Letter of Intent/Memorandum of Understanding

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Limited Partnership Agreement

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Investor/Sale of Shares Agreement

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Health & Safety Manual

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Distributor/Reseller Agreement

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Contract of Employment

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Contract of Supply

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Company Formation Assets
Doc 1 –Registered London office address – conveys the right image (.pdf)
Doc 2 –A “Trading” address from a central London location – allowing clients and suppliers to write to you there (.pdf)
Doc 3 –A mail “Forwarding” address allowing creditors and debtors to be managed (.pdf)
Doc 4 – A Director’s “Service” address allowing you to keep your home address private and off public record (.pdf)
Doc 5 – Company incorporation documents – as required by UK law (.pdf)
Doc 6 – Printed & bound Memorandum & Articles of Association – as required by UK (.pdf)
Doc 7 – Annual Returns filling service – with access to the YCF admin portal
Doc 8 – Board Minutes – with printed hard copy templates (.doc)
Doc 9 – Free support advice – online Company Manager via the YCF admin portal

Your Company Formations provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution for documents pertaining to the formation of your start-up.

To browse their resources, click here.

Banking Assets
Apply to open a Business Current Account form (.pdf)
Apply for Company Account Debit Card form (.pdf)
Apply for Company Account Credit Card form (.pdf)
Apply for Company Account Overdraft Facility form (.pdf)
Apply for Company Loan form (.pdf)
Apply for our Business Online Plus platform (.pdf)
Apply for a Mobile Banking App form (.pdf)
Apply for Asset Financing form (.pdf)
Apply for KMPG Small Business Accounting form (.pdf)

Metro is the first bank to open up in the UK in the last 100 years. We consider Metro Bank to be the most entrepreneur-friendly bank, opening at 8am and closing at 8pm.

Click here to access their resources.

Pitchdeck Assets
Pitchdeck/Presentation – Keynote

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Pitchdeck/Presentation – Powerpoint

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Section D – Copyright, Trademark and Patent Registration

Register and protect your idea in the UK